Cadbury Easter Cupcakes

easter cupcakes


These delicious Cadbury Easter Cupcakes are a perfect yet simple Easter treat that is going to wow guests yet so fun for the kids. A great way to round out your Easter dinner.

Make it simple. The cupcakes can be made from your favorite boxed cake recipe. You can use chocolate or vanilla. 

Once you add in the Cadbury creme egg, this traditional cupcake turns into something amazing and delicious. 

The combination of the cupcake filled with the creme egg just melts in your mouth. Once you add the homemade frosting in your choice of vibrant Easter colors the Cadbury Easter Cupcakes are perfect for the centerpiece on your Easter dessert table. Your guests will think you were in the kitchen baking all day. 

When you top the Cadbury Easter Cupcakes with a simple Easter decoration such as chocolate candy or a small plastic egg for that extra special wow factor. 

 Cadbury Egg Cupcakes



Cadbury Easter Cupcakes Recipe

(Makes up to 24 cupcakes)


1 box of chocolate cake mix (plus ingredients called for on the box, i.e. eggs, oil & water)

1 cup unsalted butter, softened

3 teaspoons of vanilla extract

4 cups confectioners’ sugar

4 tablespoons milk

Cadbury Crème Eggs (1 per cupcake)

Food coloring (optional)




  1. Prepare cake batter according to box instructions.
  2. Fill cupcake liners 1/3 full and place a Cadbury Egg (thick side first) down inside the batter
  3. Bake cupcakes according to box instructions. Allow to cool in pans 15 minutes before frosting.
  4. To make frosting: use an electric mixer to beat butter until light and fluffy.  Gradually beat in confectioners’ sugar until fully incorporated. Beat in vanilla frosting. Pour in milk and beat for an additional 3 minutes.  
  5. Add food coloring (optional) to create desired color.
  6. Enjoy! 


Cadbury Easter Cupcakes

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