Free Meal Planning Printables

Free Meal Planning Printables

Free Meal Planning Printables

Meal planning is a great option to save money and stress. Once your favorite grocery store puts out their weekly ad spend some time into planning out your menu’s based on what it is on sale that month. My favorite part of meal planning is I never have that moment of panic at dinner looking blank at the refrigerator thinking “What’s for dinner?”.

I have two free meal printables for you today. One is based on a weekly plan, the other in a monthly plan. I personally use both. I still plan my meals week by week but in my binder I keep my monthly plan in case I have a great recipe that my family loved. That way I can star it and re-use it again in a different week.

The weekly one gets posted on my board in my kitchen so my family knows what is for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack options I have on hand that week depending on the sales.  

Download the Weekly Meal Plan Printable

Download the Monthly Meal Plan Printable

Check out more free printables I have to keep you organized this year.   



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33 thoughts on “Free Meal Planning Printables”

  1. Great printable tools! I am a huge fan of budgeting and meal planning. Saves money and your sanity! Great post!

  2. Very nice! I have a friend that meal plans everyday, so I think I will print these off for her! Thank you!

  3. What a great resource to have! I really need to do this! too often Its five pm and I am standing in the kitchen scratching my head, confused what to make for dinner!!

    1. Those are great too! I like a printable since my kids tend to think the erase boards are their own personal coloring books lol

  4. AWesome! I have been looking for a monthly planner, since I grocery shop once a month. I’m printing and pinning that bad boy right now.

    1. Hope it helps :). I feel like I live at the grocery store lol, shopping once a month sounds great!

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