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Happy 2014 everyone! I have enjoyed this past week or so off and spending it with the kids. Now I am ready for school to return ;). It has been a packed week of holiday celebration and sickness. The Monday before Christmas my son and I started with some little bug which of course spread to the whole family one by one until yesterday. I think all five of us had something or other during this winter break. 

I am now ready for the new year to be in full swing and get myself organized. I have tons of projects hanging over my head that Id like to finish this year including some personal goals I will be working on. I am working on a new series for a home management binder to help me reach these goals this year. Last year was a fail on most parts but I think I bit off more than I could chew honestly. 

With planning all of my blog posts, organizing goals and lingering sickness I sent my husband this weekend to grab a few things at Publix. We all ventured out to BJ’s as well on a day where everyone needed a little fresh air and to get out of the house. 

Here is my breakdown: 

Spent – $91.56

Saved – $81.45 or 48% 


How did you guys do this week? Feel free to link up and comment on your trips too! Please when linking keep it to a shopping trip post all links to your homepage will be deleted.  


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