3 Things Every Finance-Conscious Mom Needs



There’s no question about it: busy moms have a lot on their plates.  It can be overwhelming, and just having one more thing to worry about feels like it will push you over the edge of your sanity.  At the same time, you feel the need to keep a healthy, clean environment for your family as well as keep the budget in a healthy zone.  


From things like carry out containers to natural cleaners, there are a bunch of inexpensive, incredibly useful items you probably already have laying around. You’ve just never had time to pay that much attention to them all. If so, then you’re in for a treat. Here are some helpful items every busy mom needs to keep around.


Kitchen dishcloths

Let’s face it: when there are small people around, things get spilled, hands need to be washed, and tables need to be wiped up.  But did you know that 40% of landfill waste is paper? And according to one statistic, if every family in the US used one less 70-sheet roll per year, we’d save over 540,000 trees.  


Think about sponges too. Bacteria grows in dark, moist places. Almost all of your sponge is dark and moist.  Generally, a kitchen cloth is going to be less germy, and therefore clean better as well.  So you can replace two items in your kitchen with one.


Carry-out containers

Why throw away the containers from the take-out places when they can serve such great purposes at home?  Use carry out containers for lunches for both your kids and your husband. You already know they’re made for hot food, and they’re designed (at least the plastic ones) to be reheated. It’s a perfect solution. Treat leftovers the same way; no need to buy a bunch of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or plastic bags.



Not only does vinegar make a great, healthy salad dressing, it’s also a fabulous workhorse. With harsh chemical cleaners dominating the market, it’s tough to find things that don’t cause you to worry about contact with children.  White vinegar happens to be a spectacular cleaner.  And while it might taste kind of gross to a kid, it’s not dangerous if they get into it.


Bonus vinegar tip: if your coffee maker is getting a bit funky, run some vinegar water through it. Add about a cup of vinegar and the rest water, and pretend like you’re brewing a pot. The vinegar breaks down the oils and helps clean it out pretty well, removing the odor of burned, old, stale coffee.


The cool part about all these tips to keep your finances under control is that they’re also totally eco-friendly. Each one helps both your budget’s bottom line and protects the environment.  Two birds with one stone, as they say. A busy mom’s grail!  There are others, too, like reusable shopping bags (they hold a ton!) and oranges (for cleaning, eating, and deodorizing).

No doubt you have your own favorite piece of advice as well.  What’s your best budget-saving tip that’s also good for the environment?




This is a guest post written by Clarissa Brooks. 

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