About Me

About Me


Welcome! My name is Jenn. Originally from Long Island, New York my (now husband) and I moved to sunny South Florida about 10 years ago to start our life together. I am a stay at home mom to three very energetic children, the CEO of our home and a full time blogger. 
My dream has always been to be a stay at home mom. When our first child was born my husband and I cut back spending so I could stay home full time. It was not easy but living a frugal lifestyle was the best thing we ever did. Now three children later I am still living my dream as a stay at home mom. It is the toughest job I have ever done but I would not change it for the world.
Each day sure is an adventure in our house. It gets loud and messy but filled with lots of love. 
I am passionate about cooking, organizing and enjoy traveling with our family. Join me as I try to balance it all on a frugal budget. 
I love to hear from my readers you can always leave a comment on the site or contact me directly.

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2 Responses to About Me

  1. Dan in WV says:

    HI Jennifer
    I am a military retiree hoping to work at home while my wife works outside the home. I am new to couponing and want to use it towards relieving some of my debt as well as help me contribute to our local food pantry. Thanks for the info

  2. Also a mom of three, considering how much my boys have started to eat I will come to your blog to learn more about saving some $$$

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