Stay Out of Debt With Coupons

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Should you assign coupons as the virtual aide for staying out of debt?

Using coupons can be tricky. If you want to use these in order to give debt a miss, it is important to be aware of the nuances of using a voucher. Couponing definitely is good for your finances. While debt sucks the life out of your soul, couponing can help you bring back the zest. The mirth of buying an item for less than that of its cost can be extremely pleasant an experience. However, on the other hand extreme voucher usage can spell danger for your finances.

Therefore, you should not follow any form of extreme voucher usage strategies. Otherwise, you may incur more debts and will be able to save only little money or nothing at all, in the process.

How to use the coupons

There are a few things which you will have to keep in mind, if you want to avoid extreme couponing. These are:

  1. Avoid using coupons just because you can enjoy a discount – Just because you have a discount voucher that offers discount on a particular item, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to use it. If you do not require the item at present, it would be better to avoid buying the same at a discounted price. There’s no logic in this action, as you are couponing to save money. However, when you are buying the item without actually needing it at present, you are blocking up the money, which could have been used for some other purpose.
  1. Organizing the coupons is extremely important – Simply clipping coupons and buying all of the discounted items is not a smart strategy. It is extremely important to stay organized. So, you need to clip the vouchers, on the basis of the discount amount and date, and put it in an organizer. This is going to help you further in planning, as to how you are going to use the clipped discount slips. While organizing, you may even get to realize that there are various such vouchers which may not be good enough a deal, considering your needs. In such situations, you can exchange the slips with your friends or relatives, thereby reaping optimum benefit from couponing.
  1. Planning when to use the coupons is an important step – It is important for you to plan as to how and when you should use the coupons. Based on that, you will also be required to plan the weekly meals. This can help you save up quite a lot, and avoid spending without a necessary reason. Planning is the basic requirement for you to obtain success, in anything and everything in life. So, even if couponing supposedly is one of the most simple things of life, you need to plan about it.
  1. Get the details of a deal before opting for the same – It is important to be aware of the details of a deal, before you can go on to use that particular coupon. This is important, for in some cases the store may need you to use credit card for enjoying the discount. However, it is not always wise to use a credit card. So, weigh your options and the deal details, before going forward with the same.
  1. Using credit cards for buying items offered in discount – If you use credit cards for buying items offered in discount, you are ultimately incurring debts. With time, this can become unmanageable and you may have to opt for one or the other debt solutions available. If this happens and if you are unable to decide which would be the good option, for example filing a bankruptcy program or debt settlement, you can get advice of an attorney. This is going to have an effect on your personal finance standing. So, it is always wise to avoid credit cards when buying necessary items on discount. Plan ahead, so that you can keep free money for this purpose.



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  1. says

    I’ve always wanted to be one of those avid couponers, but I’m afraid I would become one of those people whose house is completely taken over by products. That would be chaos!!

  2. says

    Great tips on how to be successful with coupons. I need to figure it out better because I am not, LOL. I don’t have debt anymore and I don’t extreme coupon but I do love a deal.

  3. says

    I envy those who uses coupons and get home with a lot of stuff without paying too much. Coupons won’t probably miss out of debt but definitely helps with grocery.

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